About us

Together we are strong

Horse crazy. Family man. Fun at work. These words have a special meaning for us and probably describe us best. We are a young, family-run and self-financed company that has made it a matter of the heart to establish sustainability in equestrian sports.

A profitable business model is important, but your customer value is our top priority. So your creative input is always in demand. To know exactly which products, colors, designs or details you want, we regularly organize design competitions or call for your ideas on our social media channels.

We love what we do and are very grateful to you for giving us this opportunity. You want to know more about our team or our history? You can find more interesting information here: Team.


We are honest with you

One of our core values is transparency. Getting a little better every day - we would like to take you with us on this journey. We personally stand behind everything we do. That's why you'll always find articles and videos in which we tell you about the materials, the supply chain and the manufacture of our products, or explain the advantages and disadvantages of materials.

When you wear our riding clothes, you set an example for environmental awareness, fair wages and production conditions. Our long-term and big goal is to create a circular system by paying attention to materials and production processes that bring the possibility of recycling. We want to stimulate a rethinking in the equestrian world to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle together with you. We are looking forward to this journey - together with you!


A matter of the heart for us

Sustainability is a very complex issue. When it comes to sustainability or environmental awareness, many people only think of the materials used or the production locations. In fact, however, there is much more to it than that. This includes, for example, the production processes themselves, the use of green energies, the modes of transport and much more.

Nobody is perfect. As a young start-up company, we are always looking for improvements. In our eyes, every little step towards sustainability is great and important.

The ideal balancing act between sustainability, functionality and appearance. Riding clothes that are perfectly sustainably produced but don't last long or look good are not an option for us. If the items are not worn for a long time and quickly end up in the trash, only fast fashion is created. That's why we focus on long-lasting riding wear paired with sustainability and quality. More details about sustainability at Royal Horsemen can be found here: Sustainability.


Give something back

As an economic company, we are aware that we also contribute to consumption in the equine world. And that is exactly what we take responsibility for.For 6 months we support differentcharitable organizations, such as The Bee Rescuers or the maritime waste collection One Earth - One Ocean. At the end of the month we donate 1€ per order to the respective organization and gladly support them from the bottom of our hearts. Even Winnie the Pooh used to say, "A good deed can bring a smile to any face." Because doing good is fun!