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Original Shirt
24,99 €

Jumpsuit BlackBeauty
129,99 €

Knotted Shirt
24,99 €

Polo shirt PowerPink
49,99 €

DeepBlack fleece jacket
74,99 €

Turtleneck DeepBlack
59,99 €

Hoodie BlackCrown
79,99 €

Bodywarmer DeepBlack
99,99 €

Tournament shirt CompetitonStar
69,99 €

Hoodie GlitterNavy
79,99 €

Performance Top DeepBlack
29,99 €

Sweatjacket SilverShine
79,99 €

Sweatjacket NightclubNavy
79,99 €

Sweat jacket WinterBloom
79,99 €

Hoodie SilverShine
79,99 €

Turtleneck GlitterGrey
59,99 €

T-Shirt DeepBlack
24,99 €

Tops from Royal Horsemen® - chic, sustainable, comfortable!

Our top is functional clothing: it must fit snugly, support you while riding and handling your animal, and look as good as you would expect from professional riding apparel. But is that really all? We believe that top for riding must be able to do more: it should be sustainable. After all, those who are involved in equestrian sports experience wonderful hours in close contact between man and animal. Nature plays a role. Respect is important. In our opinion, sustainable outerwear is a matter of respect for nature.

What is good for people must not harm nature and society

We want to transfer the responsible way we treat our ponies and horses to all areas of our lives. That's why our Royal Horsemen® top is produced in a resource-friendly, fair and sustainable way. And we do this all along the line: we have coordinated the entire production chain up to the delivery of the articles to ensure that people work under socially acceptable conditions, that the environment does not suffer from harmful chemicals, that the energies used are environmentally compatible. Because we believe that ponies and horses (which we love so much) need a healthy and intact nature just like humans.

High quality combed organic cotton feels good against the skin

Our top is made from combed organic cotton. Of course, we can't do without recycled synthetic fibers: a little elastane or polyester is a must. Because only with a little bit of "stretch" top fits close to your figure without restricting your mobility. The organic cotton usually comes from a production according to GOTS requirements and is therefore very gentle on the environment.

Strong colors and simple cuts determine the designs of our tops. Whether simple T-shirt, polo shirt or functional shirts, tops or hoodies - our tops are always designed with high quality. The flexible material blends and straight cuts allow you to be casual and comfortable with your pony or horse. We believe that top does not need any great extras - and this applies to all items in our range. You are just as well dressed in the stable with our organic cotton shirts as you are in the indoor riding arena, on a ride or at a show. By the way, in the future we will also include saddle pads and bandages from sustainable production in our assortment. How about your pony or horse and you in a partner look? Your riding shirts and your horse's "clothes" in the same colors and made of the same high-quality materials - fantastic, isn't it?

Casual t-shirts, cool hoodies, sporty tops - it's all in there!

Royal Horsemen® makes sustainable outerwear that is as diverse as you and your animal. And now we hope you enjoy browsing our t-shirts, hoodies, tops and other riding shirts!