The issue of sustainability is everywhere these days: from Friday school strikes to the environmental impact of plastics and emissions to the damage caused by fossil fuel power generation, everyone has their own take on sustainability. But it's more complicated than we hear every day from the media. Sustainability involves much, much more.

Der Mustang ist ein Symbol für Freiheit und Nachhaltigkeit

#2 Go to your horse with a smile

This rule is also particularly important for us, because we should never forget how happy our horses make us. You too can surely remember the moment when you first had contact with these wonderful animals. How overwhelmed you were and today you actually get to spend your time with horses. You should never forget how many people would love to do that, but often don't get the chance. For that reason alone, it's important to be grateful and greet our favorites with a smile on our face. The great thing is that it feels great and it's free!

#3 Be grateful for every ride

When ambition takes hold of you, it can happen that you are dissatisfied with the ride on your horse. Your horse doesn't want to do what you want in the riding lesson, he sees a lot of ghosts on the ride or he parks in front of the oxer and lets you fly over the obstacle alone. Nevertheless, you should always be grateful for every single ride. Not only because your horse deserves it and you should give him this respect - no - also because it is a true gift for you. Why? If you manage to be truly grateful, then you will feel a contentment within yourself and that, in turn, is the best condition for being happy. Let your horse enchant you!

Durch Nachhaltigkeit können wir unsere Umwelt schützen und unsere schöne Natur weiterhin genießen
Das bedeutet Nachhaltigkeit für uns

#4 #royalriders stick together

We are all united by the same passion. The love of horses and the love of nature. So we #royalriders already have two things in common. And together we have the power to create even greater things and change the world. Royal Horsemen® should not simply stand for sustainable riding apparel, but for dedicated people who have their hearts in the right place. Our equestrian apparel and company mindset are unique - as unique as you are! Be part of our community that supports and is there for each other. LIKE FAMILY

Sustainability only works if we also assume social responsibility.

And for us, that means ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. Sufficient work breaks are a matter of course for us. Sustainability strictly excludes child labor! Certificates like SocialFair and FairTrade show you that we don't just talk about sustainability, but actually do something about it.

In search of improvements

As a young start-up company, we are still looking for defensible solutions in some areas and are generally constantly striving for improvements. Our sustainability standards are high - but no one is perfect. We work on it every day. We're building our company sustainably from the start - even if it takes longer. And we want to support even more research projects in the future. Transparent work, by the way, is also a point that plays into sustainability. So here's another overview for you of what we're currently doing:

Bio Produkte bei der Nachhaltigkeit


One of our core values is transparency. We want to be honest with you and make the world a better place together with you! Because sustainability is especially important to us, but of course we are not perfect either! Every day we try to become even more sustainable and take you with us on this journey. We personally stand behind everything we do. That's why you'll always find posts and videos where we tell you about the materials, the supply chain and the manufacturing of our products, or explain the pros and cons of materials. And if you ever have any additional questions about us or our products, someone from the team is always there to answer them personally. Our goal is to live sustainability while always meeting and even exceeding our quality standards. When you wear our riding clothes, you set a sign for environmental awareness, fair wages and production conditions.

Our long-term and big goal is to create a closed-loop system by paying attention to materials and production processes that bring the possibility of recycling. In addition, we want to create awareness, but without being moralizing. Thus, we want to stimulate a rethinking in the equestrian world to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle together with you. And we are looking forward to this journey - together with you!

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