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Die Geschichte zu Royal Horsemen

#2 Go to your horse with a smile

This rule is also particularly important for us, because we should never forget how happy our horses make us. You too can surely remember the moment when you first had contact with these wonderful animals. How overwhelmed you were and today you actually get to spend your time with horses. You should never forget how many people would love to do that, but often don't get the chance. For that reason alone, it's important to be grateful and greet our favorites with a smile on our face. The great thing is that it feels great and it's free!

#3 Be grateful for every ride

When ambition takes hold of you, it can happen that you are dissatisfied with the ride on your horse. Your horse doesn't want to do what you want in the riding lesson, he sees a lot of ghosts on the ride or he parks in front of the oxer and lets you fly over the obstacle alone. Nevertheless, you should always be grateful for every single ride. Not only because your horse deserves it and you should give him this respect - no - also because it is a true gift for you. Why? If you manage to be truly grateful, then you will feel a contentment within yourself and that, in turn, is the best condition for being happy. Let your horse enchant you!

Geschichte zum nachhaltigeren Leben bei Familie Schuster
Geschichte zur weiteren Entwicklung bei Royal Horsemen

#4 #royalriders stick together

We are all united by the same passion. The love of horses and the love of nature. So we #royalriders already have two things in common. And together we have the power to create even greater things and change the world. Royal Horsemen® should not simply stand for sustainable riding apparel, but for dedicated people who have their hearts in the right place. Our equestrian apparel and company mindset are unique - as unique as you are! Be part of our community that supports and is there for each other. LIKE FAMILY