Our history

Die Geschichte zu Royal Horsemen

The way to Royal Horsemen

Hey, glad you found your way here! :-)
We are Robin, Marina and Heike (from left), the founders of Royal Horsemen. On August 17, 2018 we founded our company, with the dream of being able to make the equestrian world a little more sustainable through our input.

The idea to create our own equestrian apparel brand has actually been floating through our heads for a bit longer, but it's best to start from scratch first!

In the summer of 2016, we (Marina and Robin) launched the YouTube and Instagram channel "Marina and the Ponies". Here we post videos and pictures of Marina's everyday horse life. Whether it's competitions, riding out, training or a lot of pony love - there's a lot of different horse stuff to see. Since some time we also have a Facebook page and a homepage. Surprisingly, Marina's video and picture posts have been really well received by people, so we've been able to build up a great and loyal community over time.

Geschichte zum nachhaltigeren Leben bei Familie Schuster

Live more sustainably

Towards the end of 2016, the girls were looking for new riding clothes, at the same time we have replaced a few other things at home to live a little more environmentally conscious. Marina and Julia thought that they could also try out sustainable riding clothes, maybe they would be good and you could directly contribute to sustainability. After a long search, however, we found that there was absolutely no supplier in this area. The first idea for our own sustainable riding apparel brand was thus conceived in November 2016.

Over time, I (Robin) read up and drew up a first business plan parallel to my training and later to my studies. Together with the entire family, we have improved and elaborated this more and more. When the concept was ready, it was a matter of finding a competent producer who could realize the idea of sustainability.

Geschichte zur weiteren Entwicklung bei Royal Horsemen

The first steps

At the beginning of 2018, we finally found someone who was willing and able to realize our project according to our ideas.

With the whole family we worked on the cut, the design and the fabrics of our riding clothes. Marina and Julia tried on and tested several prototypes. Man man, making your own textile items is much more exhausting and takes much longer than you imagine. After many ups and downs we could hold our first good pair of riding socks and the first great riding leggings in our hands. Wow! We finally made it! After the final samples were approved, our first own riding apparel pieces went into mass production and shortly after, the official sale could already start in December 2018.

Now it's time for us to constantly improve the existing riding items and add new items to the range. In order to offer you the best possible customer service, we are available almost 24/7 on any channels. We also take the sale and shipping completely in our own hands to offer you the best and fastest service.