Vollbesatz Reitleggings recyceltes Polyester schwarz Royal HorsemenNachhaltige Reitleggings recyceltes Polyester schwarz Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 AllBlack

99,99 €
Sommer Reitleggings Damen Royal Horsemen grau meshReitleggings Damen Royal Horsemen Mesh grau

Riding tights 2.0 SummerGrey

109,99 €
Damen Reiten Top Royal Horsemen schwarzTop Reiten Damen Royal Horsemen schwarz

Riding top DeepBlack

24,99 €
Nachhaltige Reitleggings Mesh Royal Horsemen Schwarz VollbesatzNachhaltige Reitleggings Mesh Royal Horsemen Schwarz

Riding tights 2.0 HotSummer

109,99 €
Reitleggings Damen Camo schwarz Royal HorsemenReitleggings Damen Camouflage schwarz Royal Horsemen
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Riding tights 2.0 BlackCamo

99,99 €
Reitsocken Facts Royal HorsemenReitsocken schwarz BlackSparke Damen Royal Horsemen

Riding socks BlackSparkle

15,99 €
T-Shirt Damen Reiten Marina Royal Horsemen BellamyT-Shirt Damen Reiten Marina Royal Horsemen Paola

Riding shirt Marina

29,99 €
Reitleggings babyblau Damen Vollbesatz Royal HorsemenReitleggings Damen babyblau Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 SkyBlue

94,99 €
Funktionsshirt kurzarm shorty navy blau Royal Horsemen recyceltes PolyesterFunktionsshirt kurzarm shorty navy blau Royal Horsemen

Functional shirt Shorty Navy

59,99 €
Reitshirt T-Shirt Damen Royal Horsemen Rot BerryT-Shirt Reiten Damen Rot Berry Royal Horsemen

Riding shirt VeryBerry

24,99 €
Nachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen schwarz Besatz Royal HorsemenNachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen schwarz Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 AllBlack

94,99 €
Nachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen navy Besatz Royal HorsemenNachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen navy Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 NightclubNavy

94,99 €
Reitsocken Facts Royal HorsemenReitsocken Damen Navy blau Royal Horsemen

Riding socks NavyHearts

15,99 €
Reitsocken Facts Royal HorsemenDamen Reitsocken grau Royal Horsemen

Riding socks GlamourGrey

15,99 €
Damen Turniershirt Reitsport weiss Royal HorsemenTurniershirt Damen Reiten Royal Horsemen weiss
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Tournament shirt CompetitonStar

50,00 € 69,99 €
Reitleggings Damen Vollbesatz Silikon blau Royal HorsemenReitleggings Damen blau Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 StellarBlue

94,99 €
T-Shirt Choice Reiten Damen Royal Horsemen GuenniT-Shirt Choice Reiten Damen Royal Horsemen HAY

Riding shirt Choice

24,99 €
Reitleggings nachhaltig Royal Horsemen grauRoyal Horsemen Reitleggings Grau

Riding tights 2.0 SmokeyGrey

94,99 €
Damen Reiten Royal Horsemen Top grauTop Reiten Damen Royal Horsemen grau

Riding top WarmGrey

24,99 €
Reitleggings DarkGreen Royal Horsemen VollbesatzRoyal Horsemen Reitleggings DarkGreen
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Riding tights 2.0 DarkGreen

80,00 € 94,99 €

Sustainable riding apparel: For the love of animals and people

It should fit snugly, be breathable, warm and still follow every movement. The requirements for riding clothes are high. At Royal Horsemen® we have gone one step further: our riding clothes should also be sustainable. After all, how can we live out close contact with our beloved horses and ponies in equestrian sports without worrying about the relationship between man and nature? Royal Horsemen® is the first supplier of sustainable riding wear.

Good for people, good for nature

For us, sustainable riding apparel means that we have our production done in a resource-saving, fair and sustainable way. From start to finish. There are no half-measures with us. Throughout the entire production chain, right up to the delivery of the garments, we make sure that people work under fair conditions, that no chemicals harmful to the environment or health are used, and that even the energy concepts are environmentally friendly. Why? Because we love horses and ponies. Because we love people. And because both horses and ponies and people need a healthy, intact natural environment.

High comfort, intelligent design

Royal Horsemen® riding clothes offer you everything you expect from good riding clothes. The modern materials (polymer blends) nestle comfortably against your body. The clothing fits tightly, so that it does not restrict or hinder you when riding and in the stable, in your free time as well as at tournaments. Our riding leggings have a close-fitting but soft waistband that does not pinch. And of course we have also thought about the fact that you wear your riding clothes not only in the riding hall: Two elastic pockets hold everything from your keychain to your smartphone to some loose change and keep it safe. So you are always available and prepared for all eventualities, even on the road.

By the way, our riding shirts are made of combed organic cotton. We do not completely dispense with elastane, because the riding shirt should still fit well - but our cotton comes from a production according to GOTS requirements, so it is particularly gentle on the environment.

You feel good? Show it!

Royal Horsemen® equestrian clothing is more than just clothing for riding. Just combine your t-shirts with a casual pair of jeans! Your breeches are so comfortable that you can even wear them just like that or with a long shirt in everyday life, to school or university. Your riding clothes from sustainable production are cut figure-hugging and fashionable. The simple colors of our riding clothes match many clothes and can be combined well. Casual sportswear is trendy - so why wear sustainable riding clothes only when riding?