Riding socks

Riding Socks - Good on foot and good to the feet

Warm feet and no blisters after long days in the boots – that’s what riding socks are made for. But in fact our riding socks can do much more. As functional socks they keep your riding leggings "on course" in your riding boots. They cushion your feet against the hard riding boots and prevent pressure points. Royal Horsemen® riding socks are breathable, absorb sweat and are stretchy. And our socks manage to do all this, even though they come from sustainable production.

High quality Riding Socks for what?

They are only socks - right. But also wrong. Because it's often the little things in everyday life that make for special success or total disaster. We believe in socks doing their job well, too. And that's why our riding socks are made of 80% combed cotton with 17% polyamide and 3% spandex. This makes the socks elastic, but they still fit tightly on the foot and calf. The cotton provides a comfortable feel and makes the socks breathable. Sweat is absorbed by the cotton, so that you do not "swim" in your riding boots even on warm, strenuous days. By the way, the riding socks are perfect for combining with our riding tights: You pull the socks on the outside over the riding tights. Then the riding socks hold your riding tights in place when you slip into your riding boots. The riding tights don't roll up, don't slide up, but just sit bombproof. This is important because it protects your sensitive ankles and shins from contact with the rough boot.

The thing about sustainability ...

... is truly close to our hearts. At Royal Horsemen®, we believe in respectful interaction between people and animals. We believe that equestrian sport promotes a sense of responsibility and sustainable action. Fairness, awareness of the environment and nature, showing consideration for one another – this is also so important when dealing with horses and ponies. We want to implement this awareness of the responsibility we bear for our actions in all areas of life. That is why we make sure that our riding socks are produced and delivered in a sustainable way. We source cotton from productions that conserve resources, use energy consciously and sparingly, and pay attention to socially acceptable working conditions. Chemicals that are harmful to the environment and health are avoided. Because you wear riding socks directly on your skin. Your skin is sensitive. Your riding socks should be as gentle as possible to your skin.

By the way, our riding socks can be wonderfully combined with other riding clothes from our collections!