Gürtel aus Apfelleder Royal Horsemen

We proudly present you our latest product - a belt that is hardly distinguishable from genuine leather in appearance, feel and properties. Understanding that this is largely made from food waste was very difficult for us even at first. However, our belt is made of a novel leather replacement material called "apple leather" or AppleSkin. The name really says it all, because the "main ingredient" is actually apple, or what is left of it after the production of applesauce and juice and is usually disposed of.

The so-called apple pomace, consisting of stem, core housing, shell and coarse fibers, is the perfect cellulose base, which can be pulverized after moisture removal by drying. This starting material is then mixed with resins and applied to a textile substrate made of cotton, which gives it strength and stability and can then be further processed. Depending on the area of application / requirements, the carrier material or the thickness of the "apple paste" that is applied is determined. Thus, apple leather can be used not only in the clothing industry, but also in the automotive industry and in bookbinding.

The resulting material is both ecological and breathable, durable, impermeable to water and, with its pleasant surface, is perfectly suited for small leather goods, where the term "leather" can be excluded in the future. Not only do we get a universally applicable material with a great look and wonderful properties, but we also protect our environment and our wildlife with this non-violent and vegan product. Due to the renewable resource "apple", a large part of CO 2 can be saved compared to conventional artificial leather, which is produced from crude oil and thus 100% from fossil fuels.

We think the idea is great that a new product can be created from waste from a completely different industry, which you hopefully like as much as we do!

January 05, 2022 — Julia Schuster
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