Spendenprojekt Royal Horsemen die kleine Tinkerreitschule

Donation amount: 4.395,30€

It's time again: You as Royal Rider have decided on a great new project, which will be supported for the next 6 months.

This time there was a choice:

  1. Help the forest
  2. Help the riding schools

Of course, once again both projects are infinitely important. We ourselves were very curious which one would be favored by you. After a vote on Instagram, the decision was more than clear. The next donations are to benefit a riding school.

The corona pandemic has left deep marks in many areas. People are in great need and are afraid for their existence. Shockingly, the flood disaster was added. Many riding school companies are on the verge of extinction, as they have not been able to generate income from riding lessons for months. However, the cost of the horses remained the same. Food had to be bought, the blacksmith came by regularly to work on the hooves, the boxes had to be mowed and re-sprinkled and one or the other horse also needed a veterinarian. For children who were already suffering from the pandemic, the idea of perhaps never being able to see their beloved school horse again was particularly sad.

It has been scientifically proven that children who spend time with horses develop a much higher level of social responsibility than children in various other sports. This, a high level of social responsibility, will be more important in the future than ever before. It is important that we learn to be there for each other, to listen to each other, to help, to support and to respect each other. That is why it is so important to help riding school companies. There, children have the opportunity to learn social responsibility in a playful and natural way. We were very pleased that this project was chosen by you.

For the next 6 months we donate 1% of our net turnover to " Die kleine Tinkerreitschule

We at Royal Horsemen will definitely visit the small Tinker riding school and of course take you on social media.

Did we mention today that we are extremely proud of every single Royal Rider? Thank you for being one of those people who help other people!!

August 03, 2021 — Julia Schuster


Julia said:

Ihr habt absolut die richtige Wahl getroffen.
Meine Tochter geht seit mehr als einem Jahr in der kleinen Tinkerreitschule Reiten. Sie ist überglücklich und das nicht zuletzt wegen der gutmütigen Ponys und natürlich Eva.

Milly said:

Bei uns gibt es auch einen Tinker. Gipsy <33

Tinker mit Herz said:

Ich danke euch von Herzen, dass ihr auch kleineren Reitschulen mit meiner Meinung nach total artgerechter Haltung helft. Man sieht wirklich dass es den Pferden dort gut geht!
Ich als Tinker Besitzerin und Liebhaberin habe innerlich aufgejubelt als ich das hier gesehen habe 🤗🥳
LG @Tinker_mit_Herz

Anna Strahl said:

Tinker sind voll süß. Bei mir am Stall gibt es auch einen, den Cajun 😍

Eva said:

Es ist so schön das ihr uns unterstützt danke jedem einzelnen von euch😘😘

Royallover:) said:


Romy said:

Richtig toll das ihr sowas macht)
VLG Romy

Romy said:

Richtig toll das ihr sowas macht)
VLG Romy

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