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Mustang Spendenprojekt Royal Horsemen 

Donation amount: 2.429,50€ (Status: 01.05.2022)

In December it was time again. You were allowed to choose a new donation project. There were also two great organizations to choose from this time:

  1. @igmustang
  2. @plantfortheplanetwipperfuerth

Of course, both donation projects are important, but we were very happy that you chose the 1st. After all, we have fallen for the wonderful Mustangs from America for several years. Some blog posts with us or with "Marina and the Ponies" have gone online. We have already been able to train two of america's beautiful legends and we have learned an incredible amount. The wonderful Rappe Skittle was finally even allowed to stay. But also Little Wildfire (Wifi) has found a fantastic home. For those who haven't heard much about the Mustangs, there's a quick summary:

The overpopulation of America's wild legends is now widely known. Every year, thousands of Mustangs are captured to protect them from starvation. In the rescue stations they get food and water, but nevertheless the situation is not satisfactory. The people who help on the ground do their best, but there are just too many mustangs. That's why every Mustang that is rescued from the rescue center counts. And that's exactly what our donation project is all about.

Spendenprojekt IGMustang Royal Horsemen

Check out this beautiful mare. Her name is Sunshine. Thanks to you, she has a chance of a good life, because with every order you place with us, 1% of the net turnover automatically goes to her. Thus, the feed costs, possibly veterinarian costs and also the training with the Mustang trainer Sandra in Georgia are well supported. Sunhine is now 4 years old. She was carrying when she was rescued from the Kill Pen. In the meantime, she has given birth to her little Mulibaby, named Missy, safely.

Now she would like to find her home, where she is cared for and loved and allowed to stay forever. That's why she will probably be flown to Germany at the end of the month. Your donations will also be used for this, because quarantine costs and flight are unfortunately very expensive. If any of you have fallen in love with her and are seriously considering giving this beautiful Mustang mare a home, you are welcome to contact @igmustang. There you will find all other information that is important for you.

But beware... from these wonderful creatures comes real addictive potential. It's something that's hard, if anything, to escape. Anyone who has faced a Mustang knows that these are not just horses. They have something that is difficult to describe. Magic is probably the most likely to hit it. However, those who embark on the journey will certainly not be disappointed! By the way, your little foal has already found his heart man! We are very sure that mom will be able to do that too!


Sunshine ist voll süß 🥰

Anna Strahl 10.05.2022

ich finde das mega cool das ihr dass an ig Mustang spendet

Angelika Weiland 11.03.2022

Ich bin ein großer Fan von Royal Horsemen

Zoe Haas 19.02.2022

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