Als ökonomisches Unternehmen ist uns bewusst, dass auch wir zum Konsum in der Pferdewelt beitragen, indem wir Ressourcen nutzen und Produkte verkaufen. Und genau dafür übernehmen wir Verantwortung. Nicht nur, indem wir als klimafreundliches Unternehmen agieren, sondern auch, weil wir darüber hinaus noch mehr erreichen wollen. Wir wollen Gutes tun und somit gemeinnützige Projekte und Taten unterstützen.

Engagement bei vielen verschiedenen gemeinnützigen Organisationen

Non-profit projects

Every six months we choose a charitable project together with you, which we support for half a year. We donate 1€ per order to the respective organization. The first project we supported was the Bee Rescue. Did you know that bees are threatened with extinction? And that we can't live without them? The organization "Die Bienenretter" works to create habitats for bees and other insects in order to counteract bee mortality. In total, thanks to your help as a Royal Rider, we were able to donate over 4000€ to The Bee Savers, creating many new habitats! Currently, we donate monthly to the organization "One Earth - One Ocean", which acts like a maritime garbage collector and works to rid the oceans of plastic waste. The current donation sum refers here to over 2000€ - the madness! We are overjoyed that together with you we can give something back to our nature!


We have always wanted to help animals in need. Because in our opinion, every animal deserves a second chance. So it happened that in September 2020 we saved two wonderful foals from slaughter. Our two protégés Nakito and Dean are namely two Haflinger colts, which unfortunately did not meet the breeding ideal and were thus condemned to slaughter. Fortunately, we became aware of these two treasures through the organization "Slaughter foals on the way to happiness". Now the two are growing up in a large pasture in our care and exude every day as much joy of life as you can imagine! On YouTube, social media and our blog posts you can follow their journey and find all the info about our protégés.

Großes Engagement bei der Rettung zweier Schlachtfohlen