As an economic company, we are aware that we also contribute to consumption in the equine world by using resources and selling products. And this is exactly what we take responsibility for. Not only by acting as a climate-friendly company, but also because we want to achieve even more beyond that. We want to do good and thus support charitable projects and deeds.

Engagement bei vielen verschiedenen gemeinnützigen Organisationen

Non-profit projects

Every six months, we select a charitable project together with you, which we support for half a year. We donate 1% of our monthly net sales to the respective organization. To date, we have donated to "the bee rescuers", the maritime waste collection "One Earth - One Ocean", the children's hospice Balthasar, the "IG Mustang", Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Ukraine war) and to "Plant for the Planet Wipperfürth". So a really colorful mix of organizations from different areas. In total we could donate more than 20.000€ by now! We are overjoyed that we can give something back to our nature together with you!

Großes Engagement bei der Rettung zweier Schlachtfohlen

Foal rescue

We have always wanted to help animals in need. Because in our opinion, every animal deserves a second chance. So it happened that in September 2020 we saved two wonderful foals from slaughter. Our two protégés Nakito and Dean are namely two Haflinger colts (now laid), which unfortunately did not meet the breeding ideal and were thus condemned to slaughter. Fortunately, we became aware of these two treasures through the organization "Slaughter foals on the way to happiness". Now these two are growing up in our care on a large pasture and every day they exude as much joy of life as one can imagine! On YouTube, social media and our blog posts you can follow their journey and find all the information about our protégés.