Schutz gegen Insekten beim Pferd

Tips + tricks for horses against insects

In this blog post you will learn great tips & tricks around the topic of insect alarm for horse and rider.

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Pferd Little Wildfire beim anweiden

How To: Properly graze your horse in spring

Grazing your horse properly: When is the right time? What do you have to consider? In our new blog post you will learn everything about grazing your horse.

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Mauke matschige Fessel Pferd

Grapes - & what you should know about it

Grapes - You probably know this nasty skin eczema. Maybe your horse hasn't had any problems with it, but you've probably seen or heard about it on other horses.

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Marina und Paola in der Natur

Sustainable action made easy

Would you also like to live and act more sustainably? Then you are like many other people. In this blog post, we show you how you can act more sustainably with simple and quick tricks.

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Das Pferdeauge

The horse eye

The horse eye is an important organ. But how does it work? Why do horses sometimes get frightened by familiar things? You can learn interesting facts about the horse's eye here.

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Inka kurz vor dem Fellwechsel

The coat change of our horses

The change of coat. A topic with which our beloved horses have to deal twice a year. But why is there a change of coat? How long does it last? And how does it work?

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Lederpflege ist wichtig, aber bitte mach es auch richtig!

Leather care is really important!

Taking care of your horse's leather equipment is very important. Not only so that everything always looks nice and clean and shiny, but also so that the leather does not become porous and broken.

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Vollständige Stallapotheke

What do you need a stable pharmacy for and what belongs in it?

A well-stocked stable pharmacy should definitely be part of your horse inventory. Why this is so and what all belongs in a good stable pharmacy, we explain to you in this blog post.

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Marina und Paola im Winter bei Schnee

How do I winterize my horse?

There is no general answer to this question. You should first ask yourself the following questions: What breed is my horse? How old is my horse? How is my horse...

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