Julia besucht in den USA wilde Mustangs

Close your eyes and imagine mustangs, and you'll see a beautiful herd galloping wildly and spiritedly across the vast prairies of America. They are independent and unadjusted. They do not need people!

Mustangs are beautiful, happy and most importantly, they are free!

In fact, the reality is quite different.

Even today, there is a misconception that they are threatened with extinction. However, there are currently about 80,000 wild horses (and wild burros) in the wild. The tragedy is that the land available for mustangs is barely enough for about 30,000 animals. Of course, humans are once again responsible for these catastrophic conditions. He has appropriated more and more land for his partly huge cattle herds and thus deprived the mustangs of their habitat. In addition, the natural predators, such as the mountain lion, were driven away. Thus, there were more and more mustangs and less and less grazing land.

Fortunately, these special animals are now under government protection. In particular, the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) takes care that the herds in the wild do not grow too large, thus avoiding agonizing deaths from starvation. The mustangs are captured by round-ups and then taken to holding facilities. There they are provided with water and food on a daily basis. We have already been there in person. Although the people there are passionate about helping the animals, the reality looks very sad. There are simply far too many horses. They are partly standing in their own manure and life there is really very monotonous and unsatisfying for them. So help is bitterly needed here! Thus it becomes clear that every single mustang counts, which is taken from these rescue stations and finds a nice home for life.

Those who have once dealt with the legends of America, usually cannot get away from them. A real magic emanates from them!

Julia zusammen mit Mustang Little Wildfire

We at Royal Horsemen are also deeply moved. So it happened that in 2019 our first godchild "Little Wildfire" moved in with us, a beautiful mustang. He was flown to Frankfurt by plane and from there we picked him up. An incredible journey full of moving moments started from then on for us and the little Mustang!

Marina and Julia trained him for about 100 days. There were ups and downs, because this mustang did not know much of the human world yet. But in the end, this little tomboy turned into a wonderful friend. Little Wildfire taught the two girls a lot about how a horse thinks and acts and that it is very important to be in the here and now.

The day of the farewell was of course very tearful! But he moved to a wonderful family who gave little "Wifi" a loving new home. Of course, we still have contact, and so we were already allowed to visit him and even ride him again.

I'm sure you're wondering now why we didn't just keep Wifi ourselves. Well, actually we played with the idea. But since we already have three ponies of our own, we had to admit that we are very busy with them, because it is important to us to do justice to our animals. Nevertheless, we would like to continue to help the mustangs and since not all people dare to take in a wild mustang, we will certainly take in another one for training for some time.

So, are you already curious about what the mustangs are all about? Or are you already addicted to the fever? The Mustang Makeover Germany is an organization that always has an open ear for you as a contact person. They advise you, answer your questions and also help you to get your dream Mustang from America to Germany. Because as already said: Every Mustang counts, which is rescued from the sanctuary!

This blog entry could go on forever, because there is still so much to write about these wonderful creatures.

Marina und Julia mit ihrem Mustang Little Wildfire

On our Instagram account there were a few weeks Mustang Saturday. There we also explain a lot about the whole situation. Likewise, people who already have their dream mustang at home have their say there.

If you want to know even more, then be sure to check out "Marina and the Ponies" on YouTube.  There are some videos about this topic. Not only about Little Wildfire, but also about other mustangs. Already in 2018 she visited different mustang trainers in Germany and in America and of course had her camera with her for you all the time. What do you think about the mustangs? Do they fascinate you too? Let us know your opinion 😊

August 21, 2020 — Julia Schuster


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