Royal Horsemen ist GRS und GOTS zertifiziert

We informed you a few days ago that we at Royal Horsemen now have new seals - more precisely, we are now a part of the GRS+ GOTS standard. But what does that really mean? What do these seals refer to and what challenges do they pose to us?

First of all, we can make it clear that GOTS + GRS are equally textile standards that aim to make the textile supply chain more transparent and require the use of "better" materials. More precisely, GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard, is primarily about ecologically produced natural fibers - GRS, the Global Recycled Standard, is about regenerated fibers, such as the recycled polyester of our riding leggings 3.0.

The GOTS standard is internationally regarded as an extremely trustworthy seal with regard to the social and environmental compatibility of textiles made of natural fibers. By awarding our products with the GOTS seal, we disclose the entire manufacturing cycle of the article to our independent certifier - from the raw material to our stock goods. In addition, we prove the composition, which must be at least 70% organically produced natural fibers (such as organic cotton) for GOTS. It is also strictly controlled and regulated to which processing methods and chemical processes the textiles may be exposed. Through complete supply chain transparency, documentation requirements and regular presence audits, it can be ensured that the standards are met, which also go beyond the material requirements and include many social criteria along the standards of the International Labour Organization.

The GRS standard, on the other hand, refers to the textile use of regenerated synthetic fibers. It guarantees recycled textiles for the consumer with additional consideration of social and ecological criteria. The aim of the Global Recycled Standard is to increase the use of recycled materials compared to virgin petroleum-based raw materials in order to reduce the burden on people and the environment. Here, too, the issue of transparency is very important and regularly reviewed. The longevity of the manufactured products must also be disclosed by means of material and product testing, which is completely in line with our conviction that we only want to produce products that will accompany you to the barn for many years if you are well cared for!

For us, it is wonderful that we can continue to work with our production partners, as they already had GOTS and GRS seals - the award of our articles depended only on our certification, which we have now received through the audit audit.

July 16, 2022 — Julia Schuster

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