Royal Horsemen unterstützt den Verein Plant for the Planet Wipperfürth

Donation amount 1: 2.225,00€
Donation amount 2: 2.549,00€

A new donation project has been launched. We at Royal Horsemen will support a great new organization with you, our Royal Riders, for 6 months. Our current fundraising project is called:

Plant for the Planet Wipperfuhrt

Donation project 2: GREEN FOREST FUND e.V.

This time there was no vote on Instagram. Some time ago we became aware of this organization. She is really close to our hearts, because where she is particularly active, her help is also needed particularly strongly. An incredible number of hectares of forest have been destroyed by the bark beetle in recent years. Where once there were beautiful trees that were not only useful to us humans, but also provided a home for many animals, everything has now been cleared. Fortunately, there are many organizations that try to plant new trees as soon as possible. Every single tree is incredibly important for our climate. But what distinguishes this organization from the others now? Why was it so close to our hearts?

Plant for the Planet is a worldwide organization. There is a local chapter in Wipperführung. Here, in particular, environmental education and active environmental protection with and by children and young people are committed. True to the motto: "Now we children save the world". And that's exactly what we found so ingenious. So not only trees are planted here, but also extensively taught about environmental protection. For example, there is a children's academy. Here you can train to become a climate ambassador.

Children and young people get to know a wide variety of trees, their CO2 balance and how to create even more climate justice. There are even proper planting parties. With fun and joy, work is no longer work at all. We think the idea of getting children and young people on board for this important topic is great. It is even nicer that even the youngest children are actually interested in nature and get involved.

Each individual can make his or her contribution without having to turn his or her entire life upside down. Sometimes it is a good first step to support such an organization and take action. You don't have to become a member right away. There is also the possibility to give a tree as a gift or simply plant one yourself. At least that's possible with this organization. Maybe you're curious. Then feel free to take a look at their website or Instagram account yourself.

There is a lot to do and time is of the essence! It's so easy to make a really valuable contribution. We are proud of our Royal Riders and the support of such organizations, which is intensified by every purchase.

So that this planet will not only be saved, but that people will also create great things together!

August 05, 2022 — Julia Schuster

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