Hey and welcome to our riding team! Our riding team includes the people who are sponsored by us. This means that our riders are regularly provided with riding clothes by us and sometimes get a great discount code for our store for their community.

If you have any questions about our riding team or individual riders, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, we link the social media channels and the homepages of our riding team members, so you can find there quickly.


Marina Schuster

Reitteam Marina und die Ponys und Paola

The lovely Marina from Marina und die Ponys has been part of our riding team since day one. She is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok Facebook and even has her own homepage. In her posts she takes her viewers to the daily stable life, to tournaments and to trainings. Marina's ponies are called Paola and Bellamy. You will certainly also meet Inka, a Haflinger-Icelandic mix. Inka is the pony of Marina's big sister Julia :-)

Here are Marina's channels:
TikTok | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Homepage



Reitteam Mitglied Julia Schuster

Julia is Marina's big sister and has been part of our riding team from day one. Little Inka, the Haflinger-Icelandic mix, has been hers for many years. She learned to ride on Inka and was very successful with her in competitions. Julia can be seen more often in videos or pictures of Marina. The two support each other wherever they can - both love their ponies more than anything. Many thanks to Julia for supporting and complementing our riding team so well!

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Celina (Fabulous Nougat)

Reitteam Celina mit Fabolous Nougat

"Hey! My name is Celina, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Schleswig-Holstein. The one on the picture is my 10-year-old Hanoverian Fabulous Nougat, or better Nunu. One or the other may already know us through Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, there we are on the road since 2020. Nunu and I have been a team since August 2016. When I got him, he was 4 years old and accordingly well broken in. I then took over his further training myself. At shows, our highest placement so far was in a medium dressage. Due to his two eye surgeries and the current blindness of one eye, we had a 2-year break from competitions. But now I am even more excited to start again together with Royal Horsemen at my side."

Go to Celina's channels here:
YouTube | Instagram | TikTok


Mia Bender (Mia's Horse World).

Mia Bender im Reitteam von Royal Horsemen

"Hey, my name is Mia, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Dortmund. At the age of 10 I started on Youtube to tell about my very biggest dream: an own horse. At the age of 12 I was able to fulfill my dream with my only 4 year old mare Virginia. Already at the trial I sat backwards and without saddle on her, you can really do everything with her. Gini is a German riding pony, 1,46m tall and will be 10 years old this year. In my videos I take my viewers with me on all adventures, whether on the riding arena, on a ride, or "on tour" with other horses and Youtubers. Also the first time sniffing of tournament air is included. There I completed a skill test with Gini. For us, fun and trust come first. I ride her mostly dressage, but also like to do ground work or ride bareback. Besides dressage, I also like to do some jumping with her. I love cantering through the forest with Gini and I really want to take her on a trip to the lake or the beach. In doing so, I am very excited to be supported by Royal Horsemen and to be part of the team!"

Check outMia's channels here:
TikTok | YouTube | Instagram


Victoria Joosten

Victoria Joosten im Reitteam von Royal Horsemen

"Hi, my name is Victoria, I'm 15 years old and I'm from NRW. Currently I have two jumping ponies with which I ride up to medium class. Kuper is 11 years old, a clown and we are a team since 2017. Verity is 10 years old, very sensitive and I ride her since one year. My biggest success in show jumping so far was the qualification and participation in the Bundesnachwuchschampionat 2020. Besides show jumping, I do quadruple jumping and have successfully competed three times in the German Championships. After winning the Rhineland Championship in 2019, I am again nominated for the Federal Quadruple Competition this year, where I hope to place well individually and with the team. In addition, my current goal is a successful start at the Rhineland Championships in show jumping. Besides the tournaments and the training, I love to ride with my ponies through the local forest and to gallop at the beach during trips to the sea. I am happy to be supported by Royal Horsemen on my athletic journey."

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Sophie Püttner

Royal Horsemen Reitteam Mitglied Sophie Püttner

"Hi! I'm Sophie Püttner, 15 years old, I'm from Bavaria and I go to a high school. I am with my dressage pony Don Diego (Specki) as with my jumping pony For Pleasure Junior (Pläschi) in the Landeskader Bayern. I haven't had Specki for very long. With him I go mainly Pony FEI examinations, in which we could place ourselves also already well. I am already looking forward to our further time as a team. I have had Pläschi for six years. I got him at the age of 9 as my first own pony. With him I have already won L jumping and dressage. We have even placed in front in M* dressage. In jumping, I will now also go my first M jumping with him. My biggest successes are the start at the Bundeschampionat and the placement at the Bundesnachwuchschampionat Dressage (5th overall). At the South German Championships we were 3rd with the team and in 2017 I was able to win at the Bundesnachwuchsvierkampf both individually and with the team. And the placings in M* dressage (3rd place). I am very happy to be a part of Royal Horsemen and very happy that Royal Horsemen supports me on my sportive way."

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Regine Mispelkamp

Regine im Reitteam bei Royal Horsemen

"My name is Regine Mispelkamp. I am a self-employed master of horse management and have been a member of the Para national squad since 2018. At the World Championships in Tryon 2018 I was able to win bronze with my horse `Look at me now' in the individual and in the team. Our next goal is Tokyo and in the long term the Paralympics in Paris in 2024. My young horse `Highlander Delights` is my second horse for these life events. It is an exciting journey, even if it has not always been easy emotionally and since the announcement of my illness (MS). But it spurs me on all the more to keep believing and working towards my dream. I am very proud to have met such nice people as the founding team of Royal Horsemen and look forward to their support on my way. And I am especially happy to be able to further publicize this very young brand. You can find more info on my homepage, on Instagram and FB under Regine Mispelkamp."

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Nachwuchs im Reitteam bei Royal Horsemen Joules

"Hi, my name is Joules and I am 11 years old. My pony Wilky May FH and I have been a team since the end of September 2021. Before Wilky I rode our family pony Miss Moneypenny rather irregularly, as I originally come from sport acrobatics. Regarding Penny and my biggest and most exciting success is definitely the participation in 2019 in the lead rein class in the Frankfurt Festhalle. That was so impressive 😍 Miss Moneypenny is the perfect beginner- pony, because through her I was then also allowed to gain experience in the E - range in jumping, dressage and even eventing. This year we were together at the Golden Sash of Eventing. You can do all kinds of nonsense with her. With Wilky May, I get to train with Semmieke Rothenberger and the dressage work is just so much fun. I would like to concentrate fully on this now and have even set myself some very big goals with Wilky. 😂 This year it would be a dream to be allowed to participate in the Federal Youngster Championships. We have already ridden a few A and L dressages at the show, which went quite well 😍 And if we are really good, our biggest goal would be the European Pony Championships. If you feel like it, please follow us on Instagram. And now I want to thank Royal Horsemen very much for this great chance to be in the riding team. I look forward to spending time with you ❤️"

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Malika Mayr

Reitteam Mitglied Malika bei Royal Horsemen

"My name is Malika Mayr and I am 21 years old. I grew up with horses and thus discovered my passion for these wonderful animals at an early age. I sat in the saddle for the first time when I was only a few months old, and so my further path in life was also decisively shaped. In addition to dressage, I discovered my love for liberty dressage a few years ago. By working with many different horses, my experiences in teaching and various advanced trainings I was able to deepen my knowledge and meanwhile the free work as well as the neck ring riding is an inherent part of my training. I love to share this with other people as well during my show performances with my wonderful mares White Nele, White Nimeda and Peaches Asti."

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Lisa Nässl

Lusitano Reitteam Mitglied

"My name is Lisa, I am 22 years old and an independent horse trainer. With Suerto I fulfilled my dream of owning my own horse 4 years ago. He is a Lusitano x Quaterhorse and born in the south of Spain. I trained him myself and share everyday life on Instagram and TikTok. We are both versatile riders and like to try new things. However, our passion lies in exciting adventures - like trips to the mountains, trail rides and co. besides liberty dressage and shows!"

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