Sustainable action made easy

Do you also want to live and act more sustainably? Then you feel like many other people. This development is particularly important for our planet. Again and again it is said that even small changes in your daily actions can have a big impact. And that's exactly how it is. You alone decide what you consume. This applies not only to food, but also to your clothing and much more. Ultimately, you determine the market with your actions. Maybe you already know all this, but you lack the ideas of what exactly you can do.

For this, we have come up with some tips, tricks and hacks that you can easily integrate into your everyday life. Don't worry, your life won't be turned upside down right away. Man is a creature of habit and therefore it was difficult for you to change things. At Royal Horsemen, however, we believe that you can improve your habits in small steps. The trick is not to want too much, because otherwise there is a risk of falling back into old patterns. Everyone can help make this planet a better place.

Tip 1: Always have

bags and cans with you Especially when shopping, you can avoid a lot of plastic. Use the legendary linen bags, then you don't need plastic bags. That's why it's important to always have them with you. We have several in the car, in the handbags as well as in the school backpacks. So you won't get into the embarrassment of reaching for the plastic bag for spontaneous purchases.

But also several cans or containers are very useful when shopping. In many supermarkets you can have your cheese or sausage and meat products filled into your containers right away. This avoids a lot of coated paper. In health food stores, such a thinking is even desired.

Plastic packaging is also unnecessary for fruit and vegetables. Maybe you find unpackaged food unhygienic? But let's be honest, your fruits and vegetables should always be washed off well before consumption, because through some hands it has already gone one way or another.

Tipps für nachhaltiges Handeln

Tip 2: Avoid plastic bottles

Today there are so many great alternatives to plastic bottles. Unfortunately, the good old glass bottle has fallen a little into oblivion. But if you look specifically for it, you will find a decent selection. In most parts of Germany, drinking water is of good quality. It is subject to strict quality controls. Strictly speaking, there is no food that is more strictly controlled. If you are a water drinker anyway, it is really worth switching to tap water. If you still have concerns, special filters can help.

Tip 3: Cook

fresh yourself It's unbelievable how much plastic waste you can save if you prepare your meals from fresh ingredients. Away from all the ready-made products + towards healthy nutritious food.

Tip 4: Reduce

meat consumption For many, meat and sausage are an integral part of life. Meat in particular has a very polluting CO 2 balance. It is frightening what we are doing to our planet through factory farming. Not to mention the animals themselves. Maybe it is possible for you to change your diet a bit by going there. Just giving it up for a day or several days a week would make a huge difference. Everyone should be able to do that and your health will also thank you. It is also important to take a closer look at where your meat comes from. It is important for you, for this planet and for the animals.

Tip 5: Save

electricity As banal as it sounds, just turn off the lights when you leave a room. Also in the hallway there is usually no need for full lighting. A small economical lamp is usually sufficient. Your TV is on standby? Make the effort and turn it off properly before going to bed, because this mode draws an incredible amount of and completely unnecessary electricity.

Energy-saving lamps probably no longer need to be mentioned, almost everyone has them by now.

Amy in der Natur

Tip 6: Replace cleaning agents or make

them yourself If you take a look at the commercially available detergents and cleaning agents, you will see a lot of disturbing symbols. Not without reason, because for our environment and to a certain extent also for you, they are anything but harmless.

There are now very good alternatives made of biodegradable substances. Concentrates are particularly economical because you only need a few drops. Strictly speaking, you don't need all the different cleaning agents. A few drops of a good concentrate, some water, a rag and you get everything to a high gloss. You protect your money loot right away. If you want to go one better, you can make cleaning agents yourself. On YouTube there are some suggestions.

Tip 7: Less waste in the bathroom

If you rely on natural cosmetics in body care, you not only protect your skin. By using recyclable fabric pads, which are often used for make-up removal, you avoid a lot of waste. Meanwhile, there are tooth busts made of bamboo and even if you do not want to do without ear sticks, they are available in a plastic-free version. You can also behave sustainably in the area of hair and body care. Similar to the cleaning agents, there are also good concentrates with which you can get there forever. Some even have them refilled. As a rule, such a hair shampoo or shower gel is used up relatively quickly and again a plastic bottle must be disposed of. Meanwhile, many people are also switching to hair and body soaps. A great step for a plastic-free bathroom. What also works great is homemade deodorant. We have been using this for years and there is nothing that works better. You should definitely try this. All you need is a closable container (small screw jar), 50 g of coconut fat and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. You mix these two ingredients well together, fill it into your container and if necessary, take out about 1 pea-sized portion, rub it in your hands and cream your armpits.

Tip 8: Regional and seasonal Try

to buy only regional and seasonal products if possible. Meanwhile, everyone wants the superfoods from the other side of the world. We have our own superfood here with us. Parsley alone is an incredibly healthy herb. Just like our flaxseed and our cabbage varieties.

Tip 9: Car sharing or by bike

Admittedly, depending on where you live, this point is not so easy to implement. Nevertheless, more carpools were founded in the past.

Alone the trips to school or to the hobbies were regulated differently. Today, everyone drives themselves, because you don't want to do without flexibility. Fortunately, however, cycling is currently experiencing a real boom.

Tip 10: Buy sustainable and fairly produced fashion

There are many startups that have taken up this topic. We at Royal Horsemen implement this for sustainable equestrian clothing. Meanwhile, you can walk stylishly through life and have a good conscience. Buying second hand also makes sense. Clothes are sorted out and disposed of far too quickly. Often, however, nothing is broken. Someone else might be happy about it. Have a clothes swap party! Even digitally, this can be funny.

As you can see, there are many ways to live and act more sustainably. Once you get more involved with the topic, you will realize that there are even more things. For example, use public transport, shop in health food stores or immediately in an "unpacked shop"! Saving water is also very important. Maybe you don't have to shower that long and hair can also dry in the air.

It's not about being perfect or turning everything upside down. But we at Royal Horsemen are convinced that really everyone can contribute to sustainability. And we Royal Riders anyway, right?

You also have some good tips, tricks and hacks yourself? Then off to the comments. We are looking forward to it!


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