Vollbesatz Reitleggings recyceltes Polyester schwarz Royal HorsemenNachhaltige Reitleggings recyceltes Polyester schwarz Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 AllBlack

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Sommer Reitleggings Damen Royal Horsemen grau meshReitleggings Damen Royal Horsemen Mesh grau

Riding tights 2.0 SummerGrey

109,99 €
Nachhaltige Reitleggings Mesh Royal Horsemen Schwarz VollbesatzNachhaltige Reitleggings Mesh Royal Horsemen Schwarz

Riding tights 2.0 HotSummer

109,99 €
Reitleggings babyblau Damen Vollbesatz Royal HorsemenReitleggings Damen babyblau Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 SkyBlue

94,99 €
Reitleggings Damen Camo schwarz Royal HorsemenReitleggings Damen Camouflage schwarz Royal Horsemen
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Riding tights 2.0 BlackCamo

99,99 €
Reitleggings Damen Vollbesatz Silikon blau Royal HorsemenReitleggings Damen blau Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 StellarBlue

94,99 €
Reitleggings MudGrey Royal Horsemen VollbesatzReitleggings Royal Horsemen MudGrey
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Riding tights 2.0 MudGrey

84,99 € 94,99 €
Nachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen navy Besatz Royal HorsemenNachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen navy Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 NightclubNavy

94,99 €
Nachhaltiger Reitsuit Jumpsuit Royal Horsemen Schwarz VollbesatzNachhaltiger Reitsuit Jumpsuit Royal Horsemen Schwarz
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Jumpsuit BlackBeauty

100,00 € 129,99 €
Marina und Toni tragen RedOrange Reitleggings von Royal HorsemenNachhaltige Reitleggings Royal Horsemen Rot Orange
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Riding tights 2.0 RedOrange

60,00 € 94,99 €
Reitleggings nachhaltig Royal Horsemen grauRoyal Horsemen Reitleggings Grau

Riding tights 2.0 SmokeyGrey

94,99 €
Nachhaltige Reitleggings Royal Horsemen Blumen VollbesatzNachhaltige Reitleggings Royal Horsemen Blumen
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Riding tights 2.0 FlowerPower

60,00 € 99,99 €
Nachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen schwarz Besatz Royal HorsemenNachhaltige Reitleggings Damen kaufen schwarz Royal Horsemen

Riding tights 2.0 AllBlack

94,99 €

Revolutionary comfortable to wear and trendy looking

Riding tights are basically breeches and can do exactly what breeches can do - just a little better. Okay, honestly: Our riding tights are the best riding pants you can imagine. Thanks to the highest level of stretch, they fit perfectly to your leg shape and are comfortable to wear. Our riding tights have two large pockets for essential small stuff. In addition, our riding tights are equipped with belt loops and a heart-shaped full seat. Not to be forgotten: Our riding tights from Royal Horsemen® are sustainable produced.

Between functionality and elegance

Riding fashion is also sports fashion: It must fulfill its purpose, protect your body and support you during sports. All this offers our riding tights. The tight fitting leggings in great colors are made of 86% polyester and 14% elastane. This is a tough stretch material with which you can do everything in the stable. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a trail ride, in the indoor arena or even vaulting. Our riding tights are durable, abrasion resistant and comfortable to wear: What else do you want? We'll tell you: Really useful breeches need pockets. Our riding tights have two large side pockets, which fit tightly and are not visible (when empty). They can hold your cell phone, a bunch of keys and even small treats for your horse or pony. The pockets are made of the same elastic material as your riding leggings and hold accordingly much.

Spoil yourself. And your horse.

Belt loops give you the opportunity to spice up your riding tights with a stylish belt. The heart-shaped full seat gives you perfect grip in the saddle, but does not stick. And the shape flatters your figure - with your new riding tights you look simply stunningly feminine. By the way, this also benefits your horse: When you feel good, you are more relaxed and let yourself be completely involved with your pony. Your horse senses when you are happy with yourself - and loves you even more.

We go one better: Sustainably produced riding tights

At Royal Horsemen®, we believe in respectful encounters between people and animals. We get involved with horses and ponies: These majestic animals are our connection to nature. And therefore we should ensure that a healthy nature is available for the animals as well as for us in the future. We accept this responsibility and have our riding clothes produced completely sustainably. From the provision of raw materials to the design and processing to the delivery of the riding tights to your home. We want our clothing to be produced in a resource-friendly way and with green energy. That is why we do not use any chemicals in the production of our riding tights that could harm the environment or your health. By the way, your riding tights do not only come into contact with your skin - they also have to be harmless for your pony or horse. And of course we make sure that the riding tights are produced fairly under socially acceptable conditions. All this is reflected in our simple but elegant design. Currently we are also experimenting a lot with recycled raw materials - there is a lot coming your way in the future! With which riding shirts and riding socks do you want to combine your riding tights?